Jon Stewart Calls NPR Wussies - Or a Word Like That - For Not Fighting Back

It certainly wasn't at all surprising that comedian Jon Stewart was displeased about NPR getting exposed by James O'Keefe as the liberal shills most Americans knew this supposed news organization was.

But during Wednesday's "Daily Show," the host used the occasion to slam Fox News while calling the disgraced radio network "p--sies" for not fighting back (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

About halfway through the segment, Stewart's own biases were showing:

JON STEWART: Now obviously in a case like this, the erection at Fox News headquarters can most likely be seen from outer space. So, you could imagine NPR would mount a vigorous defense of themselves. Perhaps acknowledge some bias on the part of some of their employees, but while still touting the difference between a news organization influenced by bias and a biased organization relentlessly promoting an ideological agenda under the rubric of being a news organization - a point that could easily be made by comparing let's say any randomly-chosen 24-hour broadcast period of the two organizations. Hint: the less agenda-driven is the one that spends more time on the migration habits of monarch butterflies.  

Doesn't it seem odd to bring Fox into this discussion, or is the defense for liberal bias at any news outlet the fact that America has one major television station leaning to the right?

That seems almost like the Texas murder defense - "The victim needed killing, your honor."

On the other hand, Stewart's challenge of comparing a randomly-chosen 24-hour broadcast period of the two organizations is a good idea although not for his side as it likely wouldn't produce the results the "Daily Show" host implied.

Irrespective of segments such as the migration habits of monarch butterflies, I dare say that Fox has a higher percentage of liberal commentators to conservative commentators during any 24-hour broadcast period than NPR has conservatives to liberals.

As I've often noted in such discussions, one could add up all the "real" conservative contributors to ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NPR and PBS and it wouldn't equal the number of liberal contributors to Fox.

But such math is conveniently beyond the Left, as it would demonstrate clearly that Fox is not anywhere near as biased as those other organizations.

As for Stewart, his basic liberal inclination to stick up for NPR might have been compounded by "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross's praise for him during an interview last October. Of course, I could be all wet on this, and Stewart was actually bashing the cowardice of an organization that last days later forbade its employees to attend his "Restoring Sanity" rally.

In the time-honored tradition of that organization Stewart finds most offensive, we report - you decide.

(H/T Breitbart)

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