Huffington Post 'Creeped Out By Chris Matthews Overly-fawning' Love Letter to Bill Clinton

Rather surprisingly, the periously liberal Huffington Post was not pleased with Chris Matthews' love letter to Bill Clinton presented on MSNBC Monday.

In fact, Arianna Huffington's website was apparently "creeped out" by it:

Even die-hard Bill Clinton fans had to have been a little creeped out by Chris Matthews' overly-fawning docu-special, "President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon." While the former president's humanitarian efforts and his diplomatic reach are undeniably critical, even inspiring, with Matthews playing Clinton's personal hype man, town crier and super fan all rolled into one, it's kind of hard to focus on the message and not the messenger.

Yeah, and the messenger made such a fool of himself blowing kisses at a former president that a far-left website actually wrote about it with derision.

But HuffPo wasn't the only liberal outlet to express its discomfort with Matthews getting a thrill up his leg for someone other than Barack Obama.

As NewsBusters reported Monday, Washington Post tv critic Hank Stuever referred to MSNBC's special as a "mash note."

For those unfamiliar with the term, the Urban Dictionary defines mash note as "a love letter, particularly a hot and steamy one."

Makes you wonder if our 44th President is feeling like Matthews' special was more of a Dear John letter.

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