Mission Accomplished: Palin Bashing Reaches New High As Does Her Unfavorable Rating

After days of relentless attacks by media across the fruited plain, Sarah Palin's unfavorable rating hit an all-time high this week.

A look at the assault by television and radio news organizations since bullets were fired in Tucson will give you an idea how the press accomplished their mission (image of Palin was found via a Google search and was not created by NewsBusters or the Media Research Center):

From January 8 through January 16, CNN ran 80 stories that included the name of the former Alaska governor.

That's roughly nine pieces per day, during which her name was mentioned approximately 664 times or over 70 times every 24 hours!

As few if any of these mentions were positive, is there any wonder a new CNN/Opinion Research poll found 56 percent of all Americans now have an unfavorable view of Sarah Palin - an all-time high?

As CNN noted, that's up seven points from just before the midterm elections.

Of course, the supposedly most trusted name in news wasn't the only outlet mercilessly pounding Palin.

During the same time period (chosen to coincide with CNN's polling period ending January 16), MSNBC ran 25 reports on Palin mentioning her name a staggering 474 times during those segments.

Those figures are even more astounding when you consider that MSNBC only transcribes weekday prime time programs. Just imagine the kind of pounding Palin was taking from these shills during the weekends and outside of prime time.

MSNBC's sister network NBC also was involved in the attacks logging 23 reports with 126 mentions of Palin.

NPR did 20 stories with 100 mentions; ABC 17 and 62; CBS 14 and 59.

Add it all up, and these outlets did 179 reports about Palin in those sixteen days (remember - this only includes weekday primetime for MSNBC!) mentioning her name a staggering 1485 times.

With her unfavorable rating now at 56 percent, I guess these so-called "news" outlets should all be saying "Mission Accomplished!"

Readers are advised the above figures are unaudited estimates taken from LexisNexis transcripts. Readers are also advised the image of Palin above was found via a Google search and was not created by NewsBusters or the Media Research Center.

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