Greg Gutfeld Calls Jane Fonda, Paul Krugman and 'The Creeps at Daily Kos' Skunks

Greg Gutfeld on Saturday went after "hacks with an axe to grind" whose "rush to judgment" concerning last Saturday's shootings in Tucsocn "revealed the media's not so secret biases towards certain political personalities and movements."

Offering his opinion at the end of "Fox News Watch," the "Red Eye" host specifically named Jane Fonda, Paul Krugman, and "the creeps at Daily Kos" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JON SCOTT: Before all of the victims in last week’s shootings in Tucson could be taken from the scene, some in the mainstream media had already made charges of guilt. “Red Eye’s” Greg Gutfeld sums it up for us.

GREG GUTFELD: So a lot’s been said regarding the ghastly events that took place last Saturday, but I'm going to focus on the media whose opinions seem in stark contrast from the facts, and it’s the facts that matter, not the thoughts of hacks with an axe to grind. For it was their rush to judgment that revealed the media's not so secret biases towards certain political personalities and movements among lefty columnists, celebs and talking heads. Their responses barely concealed a morbid glee in getting their assumptions met using harsh rhetoric that they themselves pretend to condemn. They pumped out manufactured outrage all to control the narrative.

And who showed up? Jane Fonda, Paul Krugman, the creeps at Daily Kos and Media Matters, and even Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy who wanted to spit on the Tea Party but now blames the right for the shootings. And then there’s the Democrat that wants to ban symbols. I believe that’s symptom one in the diagnosis “You’re stupid.”

And so the amnesiacs galloped to one conclusion, forgetting that doing the same thing with the Fort Hood shooter would be seen as bigotry. Really, I want to go after these ghouls gorging on tragedy, but as someone famous once said, “Wrestling with a skunk only leaves you smelly and the skunk happy.”

There were a lot of skunks out there last weekend and they all stunk.

For “Fox News Watch,” I’m Greg Gutfeld.

As readers are likely aware, NewsBusters covered the dishonestly of most of these "skunks" last week:

A pretty smelly quartet to say the least.

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