Chris Matthews Thrilled by Oprah's 'Whack' at Sarah Palin

December 23rd, 2010 8:03 PM

NewsBusters predicted early Friday that Sarah Palin-hating media members were going to love Oprah Winfrey's attack on the former Alaska governor in the upcoming issue of Parade magazine.

Living down to expectations, MSNBC's Chris Matthews almost got a thrill up his leg reporting the news (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Up next, this powerful woman took a whack at Sarah Palin. How so? Well, stick around. The queen bee has got a stinger. You’re watching Hardball. I'm talking about Oprah Winfrey.

After the commercial break:

MATTHEWS: Next up, the power of Oprah. In an interview with Parade magazine, TV’s queen bee gave a very subtle but oh so effective sting to Sarah Palin. Asked whether she thought Palin's running for office scares her, Oprah said, “It does not scare me because I believe in the intelligence of the American public.” Isn't it incredible how Oprah can deliver a zinger like that while in the same sentence, offering such an uplifting portrait of us?

So entertainment to this so-called journalist is a powerful person bashing a conservative and doing so in a fashion that makes Americans that also dislike said conservative feel good about themselves.

Notice that Matthews also chose not to share the section in Oprah's interview where the "queen bee" actually said something nice about Palin:

I would say that America's going to fall in love with her from [her reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska]. When I saw that first episode, I went, 'Whoa! She is charming and very likable.'"

And this man has the nerve to call his program "absolutely nonpartisan."