Chris Matthews Says He Can't Tell Howard Fineman's Political Leaning

Chris Matthews said Wednesday that he can't tell what Howard Fineman's political leaning is.

Such humorously occurred at the end of a "Hardball" segment shortly after the host had no problem identifying his other guest as "center-right" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Mark McKinnon, smart guy, center-right. Howard Fineman - can't tell.


Earlier in the segment, Matthews asked the Daily Beast's McKinnon, "You're sort of center-right, right?"

McKinnon responded, "I'm a radical centrist, but I'm a proud Republican."

So Matthews knows McKinnon's leanings - someone that according to LexisNexis has been on "Hardball" less than 20 times - but not the former Newsweek employee's that just became the senior editor of the far-left Huffington Post and has been on "Hardball" over 1,000 times?

Or was Matthews uncomfortable outing a fellow MSNBC contributor?

Whatever the reason, Matthews should be an equal opportunity party affiliation exposer or allow all of his guests political anonymity.

Of course, if I had my way, every person offering commentary on these programs should have to identify their leaning much as elected officials do.

Would certainly be a more honest way of reporting the events of the day, dontcha think?

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