Ed Schultz Fails Miserably in Quest to 'Kick Fox's Ass' by Midterms

On August 27, Ed Schultz told his radio audience he was within striking distance of overcoming Fox New's "Special Report with Bret Baier" in the 6PM cable news ratings.

Schultz challenged his sycophant devotees to help him accomplish this goal by the midterm elections (video follows with commentary):

Now that the midterms have come and gone, Dan Andros has published the results of Schultz's challenge:

Using Ed ratings math it’s a 13,522,000 ass kicking (in demo). Baier wins by +229 per night. And if you look at the month to month, it’s getting worse by the minute for Ed (Aug = Baier +186, Sep = Baier +187, Oct = Baier +253, Nov = Baier +327). Wow – Baier is beating Ed by 327,000 people in demo per night? Ouch.

And just for fun, let’s use a little Ed mathematics for one more stat – total audience (as opposed to the in Demo rating). Since Ed is all the rage with da youth, perhaps he fared a little better.

Nope, he still lost. But only by 84,755,000 people. Ed only needs to convince 28% of the entire United States of America in order to draw even with Baier. Isn’t Ed math fun?

Indeed it is.

Readers are encouraged to review Andros's entire piece - it's a hoot!

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