Olbermann Loses Almost 500,000 Viewers Since Triumphant Return

Keith Olbermann's ratings have plummeted since his post-suspension return to MSNBC.

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC's "Countdown" saw a 35 percent rise in viewers last Tuesday when the host came back after his brief suspension over his campaign contributions.

By Monday, he had given up all of this bounce and then some:

  • Tuesday November 9's total viewers were 1,499,000
  • Monday November 15's total viewers were 1,039,000
  • Thursday November 4's total viewers were 1,114,000

Nice little 460,000 drop in just four days.

With so many media analysts from both sides of the aisle not only coming down on Olbermann for his campaign contributions but also MSNBC for its horrendously biased election night coverage, one has to wonder just how far this ratings plummet will go.

Stay tuned.

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