Saturday Night Live Unites Bush and Kanye West to Bash the Former President

November 14th, 2010 8:33 AM

As NewsBusters has been reporting all week, the media have used the occasion of George W. Bush's published memoirs "Decision Points" to rekindle their hatred for the 43rd president.

Not surprisingly, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" took its shots at Bush by uniting him with Kanye West during "Weekend Update" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SETH MEYERS: This week, Kanye West apologized to former President George W. Bush for saying he doesn't care about black people during hurricane Katrina, while the President said he forgave Kanye. Here to explain George W. Bush and Kanye West.

[ Cheers and applause ]

MEYERS: Good to see you, Kanye.

JAY PHAROAH AS KANYE WEST: I mean, what's up, fam?

MEYERS: Alright. Hello, Mr. President.

JASON SUDEIKIS AS GEORGE W. BUSH: Oh Seth, I’m not president anymore.

MEYERS: Oh yeah, I know. It’s just customary to call you that.

SUDEIKIS: Alright. Cool.

MEYERS: Okay. So everything's good with you guys?

PHAROAH: I mean, it’s all good now, fam, cause you know, we had problems and now we solved those problems. Yeah, fam.

SUDEIKIS: Absolutely, absolutely. I love Conway. I do.

PHAROAH: ♪♪ ♪♪ Kanye and W, best of friends united by forgiveness. ♪♪ ♪♪ Yo recognize, haters.

SUDEIKIS: That’s right, haters. Come on, haters, recognize that.

MEYERS: I have to say, I wouldn't have thought you guys would have that much in common.

SUDEIKIS: Well, sure, we do, Seth. Now, come on. You know, we're both rich. Right? I mean, we're both impulsive. Yeah. I mean, he interrupted Taylor Swift at an awards show.

PHAROAH: That's true.

SUDEIKIS: And I interrupted how well our country was doing for eight years.

PHAROAH: That's right, fam, that's right. No time for haters.

SUDEIKIS: That's right. You know, Kanye's even got me doing the twister.

PHAROAH: Twitter.

SUDEIKIS: Twitter, I'm sorry about that. Fam. You know, he was teaching me how to tweet. And I really like it cause, you know, it's short, and you just kind of puke out whatever's on your mind. Yeah, hey it's also, you know, it’s real lenient on grammar, and I like that.

PHAROAH: Hey, tell them your twitter, fam.

SUDEIKIS: Okay, here we go, sure. You know, I call myself Not So Curious George. I don't know if you get it. I didn't get it initially, but I get it now.

MEYERS: So I have to ask, have you guys actually been hanging out?

PHAROAH: Well, yes, yes fam. You know, I took him sunglass shopping.

SUDEIKIS: That's right. I needed glasses to help me with all the squinting. So we went out and bought these bad boys. Look at that. They're designer brand. They’re called Guckies.

PHAROAH: No, no, no, it's, it’s Gucci.

SUDEIKIS: Gucci, that’s right, they’re Guccis. Yeah, you know Kanye and I also went down to Crawford to clear some brush.

MEYERS: Wow, really?


PHAROAH: Yeah, you know, it was different than I thought it was going to be, you know. I thought clearing brush was a white people's term for going to a club and picking up ugly b----es.

SUDEIKIS: Honest mistake. Honest mistake. You know, this guy's a hoot. You know, I love black people. I love them.

MEYERS: President George W. Bush and Kanye West, everyone.

Mostly jokes about our 43rd President being an idiot. 

With him out of the limelight for almost two years, couldn't the writers have thought up something new?