Olbermann's Suspension Hype Ratings Bounce Vanishes In Only Two Days

Keith Olbermann's suspension hype ratings bounce has almost completely vanished in only two days.

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC's "Countdown" saw a 35 percent rise in viewers Tuesday when the host returned after his brief suspension over his campaign contributions.

By Thursday, the number of viewers had plummeted to almost what it was the day before the scandal broke:

  • Tuesday's viewers totalled 1,499,000
  • Thursday's viewers totalled 1,188,000
  • Last Thursday's viewers totalled 1,114,000

I guess you can say they came, they saw, they left.

Nice job, Keith. With all the attention he got in those five days, he couldn't convince many new viewers that he was at all worth their time.

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