Mike Malloy: Glenn Beck is Trying to Get Obama Assassinated

Liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy on Monday said Fox News's Glenn Beck is trying to get Barack Obama assassinated.

In a lengthy segment dealing with revelations that the California man arrested in July - allegedly on his way to attack San Francisco offices of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Tides Foundation - was a fan of Beck's, Malloy accused the conservative host of being "a threat to America."

After bringing up another alleged Beck fan supposedly arrested in Michigan Monday "under suspicion of potential threats against President Barack Obama," Malloy raged, "Glenn Beck is trying to get people to assassinate the President of the United States and his family" (audio follows with partial transcript and commentary, h/t Pam Key):

MIKE MALLOY: I really think this son of a bitch Beck is a threat to, to, to, well, to America, number one. He’s not a, he’s not a clown any more. This guy is really nuts, and he should be taken off the air and put some place very quiet and given the drugs that’s necessary to keep him sedated. When you are really pathological, pathologically nuts like Beck is, you don’t do it for the money, you don’t do it for the fame, you do it because you’re crazy. He pretty much is a dry-drunk, a dry-drug user. But he’s crazy. And it’s very easy in these days in this country to find equally crazy people just waiting for Jim Jones – oh, I’m sorry – Glenn Beck to lead them into hell. And Beck is more than willing to do it. He wants to see murder and mayhem.

Now, frankly, Glenn Beck is a co-conspirator in this case in California. He should be jailed also and charged with co-conspiring with the poor dumb bastard Byron Williams who thought he was hearing the voice of God in an effort to commit murder at the Tides Foundation and against state troopers. Glenn Beck is a co-conspirator in this case. He should be in jail. He really should.

From today, Richard Scott McCloud (sp), of (?), Michigan, was arrested today on weapons charges, and is under suspicion of potential threats against President Barack Obama. So this Glenn Beck fan had a gun, a bullet-proof vest, a picture of Obama. He didn’t know what Obama looks like? This is how dumb these bastards really are. That’s a mind-set of a Fox boob would be assassin.

Glenn Beck is trying to get people to assassinate the President of the United States and his family. Beck is trying to have this occur. And he’s getting close to it.

From there, Malloy went into an absolutely insane stream of consciousness rant too crazy to bother transcribing.

Back from a commercial break, he continued:

Yeah, of course, Glenn Beck is hell-bent on being the catalyst that causes a lot of blood, a lot of death and destruction, and for the same reason that Jim Jones was. And for basically the same reason that Charles Manson tried also. These are people without a moral sense.

This was followed by more insanity, concluding with:

Yeah, I’d like to help you, Glenn, but I think it would be more fun for you to stay alive, you sick son of a bitch, and really suffer through it.

Exit question: If someone attempted a violent act on Beck, and was proven to be a Mike Malloy fan, would Malloy be a co-conspirator under the eyes of the law?

If so, isn't Malloy guilty of exactly what he's accusing Beck?

Mike Malloy
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