Steve Malzberg Destroys Joy Behar: 'You Represent a Radical Leftist View'

Conservative radio personality Steve Malzberg on Tuesday told Joy Behar exactly what the vast majority of right-thinking Americans would love to say to this "View" co-host if given the opportunity:

"You represent a radical leftist view in this country; it`s a very small minority."

Chatting with Behar on the CNN Headline News program bearing her name, Malzberg told the comedienne turned political commentator a thing or two about the Democrat President she adores, the former Republican President she hates, and why those controlling Congress are to blame for the sagging economy.

After only three minutes of having her poorly-founded opinions challenged, Behar quickly dismissed Malzberg to bring on a friendlier guest (video follows with transcript and commentary): 

JOY BEHAR, HOST: Well, it`s back-to-school season. You know what that means. Time for some schools in Texas and Colorado to screen President Obama`s speech to children to make sure it`s fit for their ears. Hide your children. I`m about to play a piece.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Nobody gets to write your destiny but you. Your future is in your hands. Your life is what you make of it and nothing, absolutely nothing is beyond your reach. So long as you are willing to dream big. So long as you are willing to work hard. So long as you`re willing to stay focused on your education.


BEHAR: Good thing they screened that because if you play it backwards it`s actually socialist propaganda.

Here with me now are Stephanie Miller, host of "The Stephanie Miller Show"; Steve Malzberg, WOR radio talk show host and columnist for Hi Steve, how are you?


BEHAR: Good.

What is the paranoia about on the right Steve? Tell me what it`s about.

MALZBERG: You can`t ignore what happened last year with the Department of Education put out a directive to schools all over the country on how to handle Barack Obama`s speech last year to kids.

BEHAR: What are they afraid of?

MALZBERG: First of all, they backed off. They must have been -- well, what is who afraid of? What are parents afraid of or what is the Department of Education afraid of?

BEHAR: What are they afraid that he is going to say that is going to be so harmful to children?

MALZBERG: Well, we know that the school wanted the kids to write letters on how they would help Barack Obama achieve his policies. And the Department of Education must have known they did something wrong because when that was discovered, they backed off and they told teachers not to have kids do that.

So you`d have to ask the Department of Education what they did wrong last year that made them change what they did. Look, Barack Obama is the most divisive president we`ve ever seen.

BEHAR: Come on.

MALZBERG: That`s not just me. You can read Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell, two life-long Democrats who wrote in the "Wall Street Journal" a column called "The Divisive Presidency."

BEHAR: You know, can I just say Steve that --


BEHAR: I think that the tipping point for divisiveness was when the Supreme Court said that George W. Bush was the president and not the people -- of the United States. I think that was the moment when the divide began. Don`t blame it on Barack Obama.

MALZBERG: The people of the United States voted. It was the Supreme Court who deciphered the votes.

BEHAR: Oh, come on. They never counted all the votes in Florida. There were more hanging chads there -- come on.

MALZBERG: You represent a radical leftist view in this country; it`s a very small minority.

BEHAR: And what do you represent?

MALZBERG: I represent the majority of people.

BEHAR: Oh, the moral majority?

MALZBERG: I didn`t say moral. I said look at the polls. He lost all his independent support because he is a radical, divisive figure. Why do you think all the independents have deserted him? White, educated women have deserted him.

BEHAR: What is so divisive about trying to get health care for everybody, about trying to redo the financial situation in this country that he was left with, by President Bush in the previous years --


BEHAR: By trying to end the war in Iraq which was an immoral war and a political war that had nothing to do with the truth? What is so divisive about that? Tell me that.

MALZBERG: First of all, the Congress has been Democrat since 2006. I don`t know if you know that. But aside from that --

BEHAR: I love how the right wing, they blame the Democratic Congress when it suits your side.

MALZBERG: Well, you say -- well, everybody assumes that the Democrats took over with Obama in `08 and are trying to save us.

The unemployment rate when the Democrats took over Congress was 5 percent. It went up to where it is now under a Democratic Congress. That aside --

BEHAR: Come on. Cut the guy some slack. You see what he inherited. I really have to go. Thanks, Steve.

Let me turn to Stephanie Miller now.

Yeah, let's turn to Stephanie Miller, someone who's much more likely to agree with Behar.

Of course, parents with children watching should be advised to quickly change channels, for after Behar showed a campaign ad mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Miller asked, "Is it wrong that I want to pour hot coffee in my genitals just from having been subjected to that?"

Now that's some classy material for a cable news network during prime time. What must CNN have been thinking giving this cretin her own show?

On the other hand, that's a silly question given the recent hiring of Kathleen Parker, Eliot Spitzer, and Piers Morgan, isn't it?

And they wonder why their ratings are plummeting faster than the President's they helped get elected.

Nice job, Steve! Bravo!

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