Keith Olbermann Spends Vacation Talking To His Fans On Twitter

July 25th, 2010 10:21 AM

Obviously uncomfortable without someone stroking his over-sized ego, Keith Olbermann has been spending his much-needed vacation chatting with his fans on the social networking website Twitter.

Since joining in April, MSNBC's hottest property has actually sent 3,000 messages to his followers.

That's over 800 "tweets" per month.

But this has greatly increased during his vacation. As Steve Krakauer reported Friday, Olbermann even stayed up till four in the morning doing this one day last week:

He tweeted 189 times over the past 24 hours, about everything from Comcast to his staff going to Lawrence O'Donnell's show to Andrew Breitbart and "freakin' nuts" Bill O'Reilly.

We've detailed some of his Twitter highlights before, but last night, as he tweeted past 4amET, he was really on an insomniac roll.

After Krakauer's piece was published, Olbermann tweeted another 100 times Friday.

With this in mind, we at NewsBusters are concerned for we sincerely believe the "Countdown" host needs the rest.

Keith: turn off the computer or cell phone and go back to bed.