Saturday Funnies: Leno Chats With Really Clueless Folks About Independence Day

Imagine not knowing what year the United States declared its independence, what country we fought to win our freedom from, or who was the General that led our troops to victory.

As hard as it is to believe, there are actually Americans that are that stupid, and Jay Leno caught up with some of them last week:

After watching this, I asked my sixteen-year-old daughter those three questions. Thankfully, she got them all right and looked at me like I was nuts for asking.

Now, in fairness to these folks, you've got Jay Leno standing next to you, a microphone in your face, a camera three feet away, and some producer with headphones next to him.

This can be intimidating.

But not knowing what the year of our nation's independence and who we got it from?

And you wonder why so many people fall for media propaganda so easily. 

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