Keith Olbermann Wins Award for 'Excellence in Electronic Journalism'

It sure is a sign of the times when one of the most disgraceful and unashamedly liberal personalities in the television news industry wins an award for "excellence in electronic journalism."

Despite the seeming incongruity, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann won an Edward R. Murrow award Wednesday from the Radio Television Digital News Association.

So what did Olbermann win for you ask?

Writing the following tribute to his mother which aired on "Countdown" shortly after her death last year (video follows with commentary):

In fairness to Olbermann, it was indeed a charming segment about her love for the game of baseball, though not surprisingly self-aggrandizing like virtually everything he does on and off the air.

Of particular note was a video clip he showed of an interview he did with his mother after she was hit by a ball at a game at Yankee stadium on June 17, 2000. At the time he was working for Fox Sports.

Readers are encouraged to forward to minute 3:45 when Olbermann asks his mother, "Have you been surprised by all the newspaper attention?"

Her response told viewers everything they needed to know about the MSNBCer's ego, "A little bit, but I want to know why they keep mentioning you!" 


In the end, as much as I find Keith Olbermann to be a disgusting caricature of what television journalism has degraded to in the past decade, this was certainly a touching tribute to his mother who in 2009, without any warning or apparent symptoms, died two weeks after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I can imagine the pain he must have been going through at the time, and how difficult it was to get through those seven minutes without shedding a tear.

Nice job, Keith.  

That said, was this the best-written piece of electronic journalism last year, or did the folks at RTDNA get swept away by the emotional tug at the heartstrings?

After all, 2009 was an eventful year what with America inaugurating its first black president, Tea parties breaking out all over the country, members of Congress getting verbally abused at town hall meetings, and the economy coming back from the brink of a depression.

With this in mind, was one anchorman's on air tribute to HIS mother REALLY worthy of such a commendation?  

Before you answer, consider that NBC and MSNBC won more Murrow awards this year than any other news outlet.

Any questions? 

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