Disgraced Journalist Helen Thomas Praised By Terrorist Group Hezbollah

Disgraced journalist Helen Thomas must now be really proud of herself: the terrorist organization Hezbollah has expressed great praise for the recent anti-Semitic comments she made that forced her into retirement.

As NewsBusters' Ken Shepherd reported last Friday, Thomas told a rabbi that Jews living in Israel should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go "home" to Poland or Germany.

According to Israel's Ynet, a representative of Hezbollah issued a statement Wednesday regarding this matter:

Hezbollah on Wednesday saluted veteran US reporter Helen Thomas's "courage" for her controversial comments against Israel, which sparked a furor and forced her to retire.

"Respected American journalist Helen Thomas's answer shows ... a courageous, bold, honest and free opinion which expresses what people across the globe believe: that Israel is a racist state of murderers and thugs," Hezbollah MP Hussein Moussawi said in a statement.

I guess this is fitting for a woman who in 2002 reportedly claimed, "Thank God for Hezbollah," and who in 2006 was cynically thanked by the late Tony Snow for presenting at a White House press briefing "the Hezbollah view."  

As Hot Air's Allahpundit quipped Wednesday, "How nice that [Hezbollah would] open up and recognize her after her retirement. It's like the terrorist equivalent of a gold watch."


Most people would be ashamed to be praised by terrorists. Thomas tonight must be feeling like she died and went to heaven. 

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