Rich Lowry: Media Are In Love With Obama Despite His Contempt For Them

National Review's Rich Lowry on Saturday's "Fox News Watch" noted a bizarre relationship between Barack Obama and the media: "they're in love with the guy and he has contempt for them."

Host Jon Scott started the discussion by mentioning the peculiar irony of the President on Monday signing the Press Freedom Act while refusing to take any questions from media members at the event.

As the conversation ensued, Scott asked the National Review editor if anybody really cares that Obama hasn't had an official press conference in 43 weeks.

With the ball nicely teed up, Lowry knocked it way out of the park (video follows with partial transcript and commentary): 

RICH LOWRY, NATIONAL REVIEW: Well, journalists care, but I mean it's obviously always been an unrequited one-way love affair where they're in love with the guy and he has contempt for them. And it's really a deep arrogance: he looks down on them, he criticizes cable TV all the time. He thinks all of us are grubby and unworthy. And he's probably right. 

Regardless of whether or not journalists are grubby and unworthy, the Obama administration, which promised unprecedented transparency during the campaign, has been snubbing members of the media for months, so much so that even some of his most devout supporters appear to be taking offense.

Making matters worse, this is hardly what newsers who embarrassed themselves getting him into the White House expected in return for their shameful efforts.

With this in mind, how much more of this treatment will the media put up with before Obama finds himself with a tremendously unfriendly press?

Or is their love for him so deep that he can continue to jilt them without any fear of repercussions?

Stay tuned.  

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