Radio's Steve Malzberg Fact-checks Olbermann's Brown Rants

The anger over Keith Olbermann's disgraceful rants against Scott Brown continues to mount.

On Thursday, WOR radio's Steve Malzberg voiced his opinion of the "out of control, leftwing nut-job" MSNBC host.

"In the warped, sick, demented world of Keith Olbermann, you're a homophobe if you think that two women having a baby isn't normal," said Malzberg.

"You mean two women having a baby is normal?" he sarcastically asked. "I guess two men having a baby is normal, too."

This was only the beginning of a series of Malzberg-style fact-checks of the nonsense spewed by Olbermann this week (audio available here, more transcribed highlights below the fold):

As far as the swearing in front of a hall full of high school students, the truth is as it's been reported, it was at King Philip Regional High School in Massachusetts, in Wrentham, Massachusetts. And in reality, Scott was not alleged to have sworn at the students, but he angrily responded to and complained about vulgar comments that some of the students had written about him and one of his daughters. But in Keith Olbermann's world, you don't need the whole truth.

Indeed not. Thanks, Steve.

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