Headline: 'Michelle Obama Wore Clothes to Light the Christmas Tree'

Just when you thought Obama-loving was on the decline, along comes an absolutely astonishing bit of sycophancy that totally boggles the mind.

The following is an actual headline published at New York magazine's The Cut blog moments ago: 

Michelle Obama Wore Clothes to Light the Christmas Tree

Now, the implication is that this is out of the ordinary. Do first ladies normally light the White House Christmas tree in the nude?

Thankfully, the article elaborated (h/t Rusty Weiss, screen capture from The Cut below the fold):

Last night, Michelle Obama lit the Christmas tree at the White House wearing a new black coat, black slacks, and a waist belt. She seems to be keeping a healthy distance from snow-scene sweaters this holiday season, but it's only December 4 and anything could happen.

Phew. That was close. 

After all, there were kids present.

Just in case someone at NY mag realizes how silly this is and decides to scrub it, here's a screencap:


New York Magazine Humor Gaffes Michelle Obama
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