Oprah To Do Primetime Christmas Special With The Obamas

Mark December 13 on your calendars, for Oprah Winfrey will be doing a primetime Christmas special with Barack and Michelle Obama.

In fact, and not coincidentally, it's called "Christmas at the White House: An Oprah Primetime Special."

With all the money this woman has, they couldn't come up with a better name?

Apparently not according to THR's Live Feed:

The queen of daytime will interview the president of the country during an ABC holiday special that brings together Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

The network has announced "Christmas at the White House: An Oprah Primetime Special," which includes an interview with the president, a conversation with the First Couple and tour of the White House.

Strange that they would choose 10 PM on a Sunday when many children will already be in bed.

Of course, so will more than 50 percent of the country if Obama's approval rating doesn't rise before then.

On the other hand, since so many liberals will be watching, and given how they HATE references to Christmas, will there BE any references to Christmas in Oprah's primetime Christmas special?

Stay tuned.

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