Fox News Channel's Ratings Soar After White House Attack

If the Obama administration's attack on Fox News was designed to diminish the cable network's influence, the White House has failed miserably.

In fact, since Anita Dunn's now infamous appearance on CNN's "Reliable Sources" when she claimed Fox isn't a real news network, the cabler has seen HUGE gains in overall viewing AND in the important demographic aged 25 to 54. 

So reported the Business Insider Wednesday (h/t Hot Air):

Here's a chart comparing network ratings from the period 9/28/2009-10/11/09, which is when Anita Dunn slammed the network, and the two weeks after that ("post feud"). The numbers on the bottom right of this chart show the sequential gain for all demos (+9%( and the 25-54 year old demo (+14%).

If this is Obama's effectiveness attacking a cable network, we should all be concerned about his ability to protect our nation from REAL enemies.

Fox News Channel
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