Chris Matthews: Religious Right In America Resembles The Taliban

Is there no depth MSNBC's Chris Matthews won't sink to?

Judging from a truly disgraceful comment he made on Thursday's "Hardball," the answer has got to be a resounding "NO!"

Chatting with guests Frank Gaffney and Ron Reagan Jr. about conditions in Afghanistan, Matthews ended a really heated discussion between his guests -- which included the former scolding, "Your father would be ashamed of you," and the latter responding, "You better watch your mouth about that" -- by disgustingly saying (video embedded below the fold, h/t NB reader Kirk Wikoff):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Gentlemen, one of the great ironies of American politics is the group in this country...

FRANK GAFFNEY, CENTER FOR SECURITY POLICY: Your father would be ashamed of you.

RON REAGAN JR, AIR AMERICA RADIO.: Oh, Frank, you better watch your mouth about that, Frank.

MATTHEWS: That's not fair. The group in this country that most resembles the Taliban, ironically, is the religious right.

To that, Gaffney marvelously responded, "Rubbish."

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