MSNBC Airs Ad for Adultery Website: 'Life is Short. Have an Affair'

"Live is Short. Have an Affair."

So ends a truly disgraceful television commercial for the "married dating and affairs" website

Readers might recall that the MRC's Brent Bozell wrote in February about how the NFL refused to allow this organization's commercials to be broadcast during this year's Super Bowl.

According to National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez, the following ad by this adultery advocate actually aired on MSNBC last Wednesday during -- of all things! -- the post-presidential address commentary (h/t Hot Air):

That websites like this exist is certainly not shocking.

But that national cable outlets would air their commercials certainly is.

Of course, what should one expect from a network that actually gives Keith Olbermann a stage from which to spew his moronic vitriol?

Exit question: Are television commercials promoting adultery about to become as commonplace as ads for curing erectile dysfunction?

Readers are advised that the exact time this ad aired last Wednesday is not known. As such, it is possible this was part of a local cable purchase and not broadcast nationally.

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