The View's Joy Behar Gets Own Show on CNN Headline News

See? It really does pay to be a Bush-hating conspiracy theorist.

Just ask The View's Joy Behar who just landed herself a job as the host of her own program on HLN, the network formerly known as CNN Headline News.

Even though this is clearly a joke, I kid you not.

Just try to keep a straight face as you read the following Associated Press report (h/t Big Hollywood):

Joy Behar of "The View" should feel comfortable when her prime-time HLN talk show debuts on Sept. 29. The network formerly known as CNN Headline News is making headway with women, even if that wasn't necessarily the game plan.

Behar, at 9 p.m. ET on weeknights, will follow hour-long shows by Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace (a Grace rerun airs at 10).

The estrogen-heavy lineup, big on issues like abduction and addiction, airs to an audience that is nearly two-thirds women, according to Nielsen Media Research. It's not like men are unwelcome, but when a rerun of Lou Dobbs' CNN show fell flat in Behar's soon-to-be time slot, HLN yanked him this summer for Velez-Mitchell.

Here's the truly delicious punch line:

HLN sought a lineup of opinionated but non partisan personalities that could distinguish itself from other news networks, primarily corporate cousin CNN, said Ken Jautz, executive vice president of CNN Worldwide and chief of the network.

Yeah, that's Behar: opinionated but non-partisan.

And I'm Napolean Bonaparte.

Readers are encouraged to review NewsBusters' collection of "non-partisan" comments by Behar.

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