C-SPAN's 'Leah from New Hampshire' Speaks Out On ObamaCare

On Sunday, NewsBusters introduced you to a C-SPAN caller named "Leah from New Hampshire."

Leah is a high school biology teacher.

On Tuesday, she attended President Obama's healthcare town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and was interviewed by a website called GraniteGrok.

Those interested in hearing more of Leah's views on this controversial subject should take nine minutes out of their busy schedules (videos in two parts embedded below the fold):

Isn't it amazing how this high school biology teacher appears to have a better grasp on this subject than most of the so-called journalists in America COMBINED?!?

Brava, Leah! Brava!

This piece was edited on July 15, 2013, to remove Leah's real name by her request.

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