Jackie Mason Explains Palin Derangement Syndrome, Bashes Obama

Ladies and gentlemen, to date no one in America has better defined Palin Derangement Syndrome than comedian Jackie Mason:

You hear every curse word in the world, every abusive word in the world from everybody so threatened by her that they have nothing to fear except for the fact that her showing up terrorizes them. It literally terrorizes them to such an extent that they're fearful of the possibility that her popularity will somehow catch on and she'll become a sensation. So they have to deride her with words that they never say for anybody else in the whole history of politics. Somebody else has to at least do something. A right or wrong before they get mad and start abusing and cursing the person. But she, all she has to do is make an announcement. It could be about anything. "I just had a glass of milk." 

Just push play, and enjoy (absolute must-see video embedded below the fold):

Any questions?

Sarah Palin Jackie Mason
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