David Brooks: GOP Senator Had Hand On My Thigh During Dinner

In today's "That's WAY Too Much Information" segment, New York Times columnist David Brooks claims that while he was dining with a Republican senator, the guy had his hand on Brooks's inner thigh the whole time.

Now, isn't that special?

Requiring no further setup, the following REALLY strange discussion occurred on MSNBC Friday (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript):

DAVID BROOKS, NEW YORK TIMES: You know, all three of us spend a lot of time covering politicians and I don't know about you guys, but in my view, they're all emotional freaks of one sort or another. They're guaranteed to invade your personal space, touch you. I sat next to a Republican senator once at dinner and he had his hand on my inner thigh the whole time. I was like, ehh, get me out of here.


BROOKS: I can only imagine what happens to you guys.

NORAH O'DONNELL, MSNBC: Sorry, who was that?

BROOKS: I'm not telling you, I'm not telling you.

Drat. Inquiring minds want to know...not.

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