Scary Blog Alert: Olbermann is Trustworthy, Fair and Unbiased

In today's "This Is One of the Scariest Things I've Ever Read" segment, a Kos Kid thinks MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is trustworthy, fair, and unbiased.

Feels like Halloween, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, in this love letter to the "Countdown" host that amazingly made Daily Kos's recommended diaries list, that was just the tip of the iceberg:

This is what American media is about. It is to spread truth and reason to Americans so that they can better understand the bigger issues that effect us all. More importantly, to mow down the obstacles that spread ignorance and lies to the American people. Olbermann is not partisan, he is not biased; I hate hearing this from Republicans (and even some Democrats). Just because he covers the side that lies and hates more does not make him biased. When liberals act hatefully, I know I can count on Olbermann to cover it. The thing is, they usually don't. [...]

Do not label him as unfair, when all he does is find the truth. Enough with claiming fairness by treating both sides as equals. They are NOT equals. One fights for liberty and justice for all. The other continues to rule through fear and hatred. Stop pretending that both deserve equal coverage and equal praise. They do not, and you are not unbiased for thinking so. [...]

Olbermann is a trustworthy, fair, funny, and passionate figure. We know we can trust him to do the right thing, because he spits in the face of hatred and he has the balls to say what all of us are thinking.

Pretty scary, yes? But it gets worse...A LOT worse:

Nothing, no television or radio show, has ever motivated me so much to become what I am now. Keith inspired me to be active, to care, and to pursue my political views. He answers my questions, he fights for the truth, and he makes me truly passionate about the issues. I was a mingling liberal, stuck in limbo, until I watched his show. I became addicted, astonished at how many lies and fear-driven smears I had been missing over the years - often times the way to realize truth is not to find what is right, but to find what is wrong. Keith fortunately manages to do both very well.

Over the past several years, I have introduced his show to several family members and friends. The effect has been instantaneous on them as well. Like everyone else in the world, they had all seen The Daily Show (and trust me, I love the show). They would laugh and find it funny, but it would never really inspire much but humor and cynicism for the right. Within several showings of KO, the change was so apparent. These people began to care about politics - they became active in the community, they learned how to debate, and they have worked harder towards a goal that all of us share.

I am convinced that this is not some sort of odd coincidence. I genuinely believe that Olbermann's show helps us all to care a little more.

Can you imagine the limited intellectual capacity necessary to reach such conclusions let alone proudly post them in a public forum?

Is this the scary yet inevitable result of the planned dumbing-down of our citizenry by the Left in this nation?

Are there really Americans who don't understand that Colbert, Olbermann, and Stewart are just entertainers not to be taken at all seriously?

It really is a grave new world, isn't it?

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