Olbermann Warns Kos Kids: Don't Criticize Me -- It Helps the Right

In today's "Does His Ego Know No Bounds?" segment, Keith Olbermann warned Daily Kos readers on Friday that they should not post diaries or comments critical of him for it strengthens the Right.

As NewsBusters Mitchell Blatt reported Friday, a diary was posted at Daily Kos on July 18 that bashed the "Countdown" host for just attacking Republicans and not doing any real news.

Olbermann clearly was displeased, and posted a response that was two parts Narcissus and one part Norman Bates (h/t Hot Air):

I preface this by saying, got a complaint about me, go ahead. Diarize, comment, whatever (actually those first two are your only choices - there is no 'whatever'). There's a chance I'll ignore it, there's a chance I'll agree with it, but usually I'll respond to it and try to explain or at least address it. I'd say "Bring It On," but that doesn't necessarily have the same meaning it used to.

However, be forewarned: you may be part of a plan to make it look like I'm under siege by the Left.

Step 1: Trollish person writes over-the-top critical diary (in this case, on the Mark Sanford email reading).
Step 2: Lots of defense of your undersigned diarist (thank ye).
Step 3: RW website writes piece quoting this here site: "By Wednesday, even critics on the left said Olbermann had gone too far." [...]

Again, no request for amnesty, agreement, criticism-free zones, or universal love is implied here. Just watch out: there's nothing better for the lunatic fringe when a Mark Sanford hits an iceberg, than to throw up some phony Liberal-on-Liberal-Violence sabotage chaff in front of the torpedos headed towards a Republican-In-Crisis.

He really is a psychiatrist's dream, isn't he?

After all, when you get passed the limitless vanity feebly attempting to mask the paranoid schizophrenia, Olbermann actually confirmed the original Kossack's complaint: all he does is Republican-bashing...even when he's defending being accused of such.

Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.
*****Update: It's interesting to note that Olbermann referred to his critic as a troll. Yet, a close look at kwolfman's previous diaries shows him to be your basic Kossack who hates Glenn Beck, hates Dick Cheney, hates Sarah Palin, and hates George Bush.
Such a person would certainly be considered a troll at NewsBusters, but this makes up the overwhelming majority of Kossacks INCLUDING Keith Olbermann.
As is typically the case, Olbermann was making accusations without knowing the facts.
But that's not at all surprising.
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