Boehner's Amazing Speech on the House Floor Friday

Just before the House passed what could end up being the largest tax increase in U.S. history, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Oh.) took to the floor and dissected the disgusting "American Clean Energy and Security Act" while accusing Democrats of shamefully adding 300 pages to the bill at 3 AM Friday morning.

In what some referred to as a filibuster, Boehner took more than sixty minutes methodically analyzing sections of the midnight hour additions as members of his Party and folks in the gallery cheered him on.

Every American owes it to him or herself to watch this entire marvelous speech and better understand how this bill if passed by the Senate will dramatically increase energy costs while sending what's left of our nation's manufacturing jobs to other countries (part one embedded right, five more parts embedded below the fold, Boehner's fabulous exchange with Rep. Waxman occurs at 6:40 of part two):

Bravo, Congressman! Bravo!

*****Update: Be sure to see Marc Sheppard's take on this vote.

John Boehner
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