NBC's Brian Williams Bows To President Obama

How much is "Nightly News" host Brian Williams in the tank for President Obama?

Well, as part I of NBC's special report "Inside the Obama White House" came to a close Tuesday, Williams, while saying good night to the president, actually bowed his head.

I kid you not (embedded video and partial transcript below the fold): 

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Now it is first family time and time for us to say good night. Mr. President...

Pres. OBAMA: All right.

WILLIAMS: ...that's your elevator.

Pres. OBAMA: It is. Thank you.

WILLIAMS: Thank you, sir. (bows head) Have a good evening.

Pres. OBAMA: Appreciate it. Thank you very much.

WILLIAMS: We'll see you Tuesday. Thank you.

Pres. OBAMA: Thank you.

Any questions?

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