British Columnist: Obama A Disappointing Bore

If you're sick of all the gushing and fawning supposedly impartial American journalists are disgracefully including in reports about the President and First Lady's trip to the G20 summit, a column by the British Daily Mail's Quentin Letts is an absolute must-read.

As a tease:

Allegedly the most charismatic politician in the world, Mr Obama was a disappointment. 

That was just for starters:

It sounded as though he had a blocked nose and so his lack of energy may have been a symptom of a cold. Jet lag, too. He probably wished he could have stayed in bed. [...]

He spoke slowly, in a meandering manner. Some might say that he was thoughtful and professorial. Others might call his manner circuitous, even yarny. 

Am I saying that he was a bore? Oh dear. I find that I possibly am.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some British journalists here? You know, folks that only treat ROYALTY as royalty?

I'm just saying.

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