Tribute to Slain Oakland Police Officers

A week ago today, four Oakland police officers were senselessly murdered by a crazed lone gunman (video of details embedded right).

California, the Bay Area, and my community -- one of the slain officers was from my town; my daughter is friends with his son -- have been deeply shaken by this incident.

On Friday, a funeral service was held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. In attendance were Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

What follows for those that are interested are videos chronicling this incident which include the national media's reaction as well as a rally held in Oakland celebrating the assailant as a hero:

The district's Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Cal.) spoke on the House floor Monday:

The assailant's sister actually blamed her brother's behavior on a horrible incident that occurred months prior:

Glenn Beck was on the case:

An Oakland blogger spoke out:

A touching vigil was held on Tuesday:


Brace yourselves, for a Marxist group actually staged a rally on Thursday hailing the assailant as a hero:

The pro-assailant rally got local media attention:

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly on Thursday expressed their anger concerning the pro-assailant rally:

"Taps" was played at the funeral on Friday:

Schwarzenegger spoke at the service:

The community came out in massive numbers to pay their respects:

San Francisco-based conservative talk radio host Michael Savage devoted his entire program Friday to this story. Readers are cautioned that Savage, like so many in the Bay Area, was truly angered and frustrated by this incident; his words Friday were raw and possibly offensive:

Rest in Peace, gentlemen. A proud and deeply-saddened community salutes you.

Megyn Kelly
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