Ann Coulter to Debate Bill Maher in Boston

On March 10, conservative author Ann Coulter will debate liberal comedian Bill Maher at the Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston.

Sadly, the facility only seats 3,600 people, for this event, ironically organized by Madison Square Garden Entertainment, is sure to be a hot ticket given the fiery personalities involved.

As reported by the Eagle-Tribune Sunday:

"MSG Entertainment is proud to present our second speaker series as we expand these highly charged and relevant political events to Boston during one of the most exciting and, at times, controversial political landscapes of our time," said Melissa Miller Ormond, chief operating officer for MSG Entertainment. "We hope that the 'Speaker Series: The Minds That Move The World' will not only provide guests with an informative and empowering experience that will help them make educated political decisions, but also encourage people to engage in continued dialogue surrounding the most significant current events of our day."

The series begins March 10, and will continue into June. Speakers include former Vice President Al Gore, former Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, high profile political strategist James Carville, comedic political commentator Bill Maher, political activist Al Sharpton, and commentators Ann Coulter, Charlie Rose, Soledad O'Brien, Lisa Ling and John Quinones.

Here's the schedule:

March 10: Bill Maher and Ann Coulter

March 30: Former Vice President Al Gore

May 27: Charlie Rose interviewing James Carville and former Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove

June 9: Soledad O'Brien interviewing Al Sharpton, Lisa Ling and John Quinones

Isn't it interesting that the only figure refusing to share the stage is Al Gore? I guess the Nobel Laureate wants to continue to foster the canard that there's a scientific consensus concerning global warming by continuing to avoid any debate on the subject.

What a guy.

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