Gallup: Congress as Much to Blame for Oil Prices as Gouging

A new Gallup poll shows that Republicans who are staging a revolt on the House of Representatives might be tapping into an anger shared by the American people concerning high energy prices.

In a rather surprising result, "Americans rate price gouging by the oil companies, price gouging by foreign oil producers, and a lack of effective action by Congress as the most important reasons why the price of gasoline is so high -- essentially equating congressional inaction with price gouging."

Makes one wonder how much attention media will give this poll in the next 24 hours.

Here are some more of its findings (h/t Hot Air):

Last week as Congress adjourned for its August recess, House Republicans began a mini-demonstration on the House floor, protesting the unwillingness of the congressional leadership to vote on various proposed energy issues -- including offshore oil drilling. Recent Gallup polling, conducted before Congress recessed, suggests the Republicans may be on to something politically, with Americans rating a lack of congressional action as one of the most important reasons for today's high gas prices.

However, people obviously feel there is a lot of blame to go around, with 52% pointing to speculation by oil/commodity investors and 51% to a lack of effective action by the Bush administration. Nearly as many -- 48% -- blame American consumers in general for a lack of energy conservation while 46% say increased demand from China, India, and other developing countries deserves a significant part of the blame.

Interesting stuff.

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