HuffPost Closes Comments On Snow's Death Announcement

It appears the good folks at the Huffington Post have a firm grasp on the hatefulness of their members, for the article published there on Saturday concerning the passing of Tony Snow is not accepting comments.

I guess Huffington's employees anticipated disgusting remarks about the former White House press secretary, and rather than deal with them on an individual basis chose to prevent them completely.

This seems a good decision considering the disgraceful behavior of HuffPosters in February 2007 when a homicide bomber struck outside a military compound in Afghanistan where Vice President Dick Cheney was staying.

Update at end of post: Netroots on the offensive concerning Snow's demise.

Michelle Malkin preserved the unpleasantness for all to see here.

With this in mind, it was highly likely things were going to get ugly there today, and quickly, which raises an interesting question: were comments closed out of respect for Tony, or to prevent the world from once again seeing just how hateful folks on the ultra-left are today?

*****Update: Much as after last week's announcement concerning the death of former Sen. Jesse Helms, Netroots commenters are dancing on Tony's grave today. As I have no interest in giving this too much attention, and don't want to copy any of this feculence here, readers can opt on their own to click on the following links to see how the supposedly compassionate left behave when someone on the right dies (vulgarity alert):

Tony Snow has died

Tony Snow MORE IMPORTANT than Dead Soldiers

RIP Tony Snow--We Saw a Different Side of You

Should we mourn Tony Snow?

On the flipside, the folks at Democratic Underground have decided to delete comments about Snow they find offensive:

I gave the moderators instructions to delete inappropriate posts about Tony Snow.

So, instead of creating extra work for them, it would be nice if people would voluntarily refrain from posting inflammatory crap that makes us all look like jerks.

Thank you for your understanding.

DU Admin

Nicely done, Skinner.

*****Update II: HuffPo opened the Snow article for comments at approximately 1:29PM.

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