Kossacks Bash Moulitsas for Picking on McCain's Teeth

The proprietor of Daily Kos must be very concerned with John McCain being able to beat Barack Obama in November, for Markos Moulitsas on Thursday actually stooped to picking on the color of the Arizona senator's teeth.

I kid you not.

The truly delicious denouement is that Kos's followers seem largely displeased with their leader wasting time with such a triviality when there are clearly larger issues at stake (h/t NBer lumpy):

You know... (224+ / 0-)

...there are lots of reasons to vote against McCain without tooth color coming into it. I mean, the Republicans are going to jump on our nominee for his skin color, we're just better than jumping on theirs for his tooth color.

Vote Against McCain because.....

It's the SUPREME COURT, Stupid!

by ultrageek on Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 10:19:24 AM PDT

  • I have to agree. (112+ / 0-)

    McCain has a trainload of legitimate reasons to not be voted for - teef ain't one of them.

    We can do better than 4th grade boys issues.

    There's no money for your issue so long as we're squandering $50 billion a year on the DrugWar. Ben Masel

    by xxdr zombiexx on Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 10:21:42 AM PDT

  • Not a classy post (32+ / 0-)
    This is silliness, unbecoming of DailyKos. It sends precisely the wrong message and we'd be up in arms about a similarly superficial and rude post concerning one of our candidates.
  • agreed (11+ / 0-)

    This post is an embarrassment for DailyKos. There are hundreds of reasons to oppose McCain. The apparent color of his teeth in a bad photo is not one of them.

    Bad judgment, Kos.

  • Apology is due (5+ / 0-)

    Please stick to substantive issue rather than picking on the teeth of a 70-year old ex-POW.

    I don't care what his teeth look like. If he was a pacifist that supported social net programs and leading our society into an age of stewardship and compassion, he could have holes in his teeth for all I care.

    The fact is that the Democrats are poised as the party in the stronger position this election cycle. Even if it werent' this would be tasteless and mean. But since it is, it's more than that. It's bullying. It's being exactly like Dick Cheney.

    I have not intention of supporting a party that wants to imitate the RovChenians. There is no excuse for KOS to have this juvenile disrespectful blather. This is excruciatingly disappointing.

    I expect to see an apology.

    John McCain says overturn the Roe v. Wade
    Think about it, ladies.

    by UnaSpenser on Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 11:58:14 AM PDT

Let's see whether Markos does the right thing and apologizes to the Senator as well as his readers.

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