Bush-Bashing Rapper Kanye West Tells Concert Critic 'Kill Yourself'

Remember the high and mighty rapper named Kanye West who during a telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims in September 2005 had the nerve to say on national television "George Bush doesn't care about black people?"

Well, the man media gushed over for weeks as a result of this disgraceful display apparently doesn't like receiving reviews of his concerts that give him anything less than an A-plus.

As such, on Friday, he posted a vulgarity-laden response to Entertainment Weekly which had the nerve to only rate his recent performance at the Seattle Key Arena a B-plus.

Even more absurd, according to TMZ.com, some time after posting his tirade, West edited out the most virulent of his invective:

In the original post, K finished his disemboweling of Entertainment Weekly's critic with this classy kicker: "Kill yourself Chris Willman!" referring to the EW writer who wrote the review.

What a missed opportunity for Kanye.

After all, if he had posted this about President Bush, with some tie in to the war in Iraq or the economy, he'd be the toast of the drive-by media again with high-profile TV interviews scheduled for weeks into the future.

Too bad.

Kanye West
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