Yet Another Rupert Murdoch Hit Piece

It seems you can't swing a dead cat these days without whacking a Rupert Murdoch hit piece.

It must have been the New York Times' turn at the plate so to speak Thursday, and writer Richard Perez-Pena was more than up to the challenge.

After an introduction of Peter R. Kann, the Chairman and CEO of Dow Jones, the company Murdoch is trying to buy, Perez-Pena appeared loaded for bear (emphasis added throughout):

Mr. Kann, who had been advising the family against selling, expressed hope that Mr. Murdoch would not prevail, using an image of The Journal as a citadel trying to repel an invasion by tabloid barbarians.

"The drawbridge is up," Mr. Kann told the group. "So far, so good."

News Corp is a tabloid barbarian? Wow. Nice reference, wouldn't you agree? Yet, Perez-Pena was just getting warmed up:

"There's a real culture of passion for the truth, for shining lights in dark places and making the mysterious understood," said a reporter, one of dozens of people interviewed at The Journal and Dow Jones, nearly all of whom asked for anonymity, fearing a backlash from the current regime or the next one. "The overwhelming view here is that under Murdoch, that gets compromised from Day One, and that idea is devastating, heartbreaking, to people."

Yep. All of News Corps' media outlets do nothing but lie to the public and distort the truth. Interesting analysis to read in one of America's most disgraceful propagandists, don't you think?

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