Allen Campaign Reveals Salacious Passages in Jim Webb Novels, Will Media Notice?

October 27th, 2006 10:49 AM

Drudge reported Friday morning that Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia) has released passages from his opponent Jim Webb’s novels that contain some rather lurid scenes. Due to their content, they will not be reprinted here. However, there are depictions of homosexuality, and underage sexual activity.

Given the media frenzy over Mark Foley’s electronic messages to male pages, the question is raised as to whether the press will give these revelations any coverage eleven days before Election Day. Should the fiction writings of a candidate seeking such high office be fair game for scrutiny, or is this a Hail Mary pass the media shouldn’t bother with?

Not surprisingly, a Democrat senator has already come out and stated that this is much ado about nothing. For those interested in Sen. Chris Dodd’s views on this subject as discussed with radio host Don Imus Friday morning, go here.