Alec Baldwin Calls Bush/Cheney a ‘Trust Fund Puppet and his Sociopathic Puppeteer’

In my last post about outspoken and unbelievably liberal actor Alec Baldwin, I kindly asked him to e-mail me when he wrote anything at Huff-n-Puff. Sadly, he hasn’t yet heeded my request. Regardless, his post on Sunday, once again and true to form, did not disappoint. 

Titled “DeLay Is the New Republican,” Baldwin chose to slay soon-to-be retiring Tom DeLay (R-Texas). Yet, his really juicy vitriol was directed at everybody he doesn’t agree with politically. (Readers are duly warned to fasten their seatbelts, for this is a bumpy ride!) He started with moderate Democrats that clearly offend his liberal sensibilities:

Many people have commented on these pages that the Democrats will not do any better [if they regain power]. I believe in my heart that this is overwhelmingly untrue. If you are talking about weasels like Zell Miller, then you may have something. If you are talking about Lieberman, I agree he is a disappointment, in many ways.”

Nice bedside manner there, Alec. I’m sure you didn’t feel this way about Miller or Lieberman in the ’90s when they were both considered rising stars in your party. Of course, loyalty is not a virtue to you Hollywoodans, is it? After all, there certainly isn’t any requirement to leave with the lady you came with in your crowd, is there?

However, Baldwin saved his most virulent attacks for folks on the right saying, “But a Democratic Congress of practically ANY makeup would be better than the swine, cowards and indictable thugs we have in there now,” and “We currently have a breed in the leadership roles in Congress who are the worst in our history, because they learn nothing.”

Sounds almost like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid’s speech writers are helping Alec with his posts, doesn’t it?

Alas, Alec was just warming up. After suggesting that impeaching President Bush would be a waste of time, Baldwin went after another predictable target:

“Impeaching Cheney would be incredibly satisfying, because I don't think a Constitution-hating sociopath should serve as Vice President. But that's how bad this situation is. Even a hate-filled maniac who outs a CIA agent in the service of her country just to punish her husband, all because the husband was on to the maniac's scheme to start an illegitimate war, even he gets a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card from this GOP Congress.”

Yet, Baldwin ended on what, for him and his ilk, was almost a patriotic note: “I've said it before, I'll say it again: What is truly great about the United States is that not even eight years of some trust fund puppet and his sociopathic puppeteer can destroy this country.”

You can almost hear the national anthem playing in his cranium while he wrote these words, can’t you?
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