CBS "Early Show's" Iraq Report Similar to an Article in the British "Independent"

Lara Logan, a correspondent for CBS News who, according to the CBS website, lives in London with her husband, filed a report this morning on the CBS “Early Show” from Baghdad as featured at NewsBusters. The text of her report shows tremendous similarities to an article by Patrick Cockburn published this morning in the British daily The Independent.

To begin with, Cockburn’s article is entitled “Iraq: 1000 Days of War,” with a subheading “From Shock and Awe to a country torn between insurrection and democracy.” Logan’s segment this morning began: “Well, it wasn't long after U.S. Forces unleashed their shock and awe campaign that the Iraq war seemed to be over. But it's now a thousand days since it all began in March 2003 and we're still here.”

Cockburn: “President George Bush announced that the war was over. The American mission had been accomplished.”

Logan: “Saddam Hussein's regime crumbled in a matter of weeks and by May, President Bush had declared the end of major combat operations.”

Cockburn: “Of the 18,000 US servicemen killed or wounded in Iraq, 94 per cent have been killed or wounded since the fall of Baghdad.”

Logan: “Some 18,000 Americans have been killed and injured since the start of this war. But 94% of those casualties occurred after the fall of Baghdad.”

Cockburn: “There is no sign that the election for the 275-member Iraqi parliament this Thursday will end the fighting. The Sunni Arabs, the core of the insurrection, will vote for the first time, but there is no talk of a ceasefire. A leaflet issued by one resistance group in Baghdad yesterday encouraged its followers to vote but warned: "The fighting will continue with the infidels and their followers."

Logan: “There is no sign that a successful election will bring an end to the fighting. Sunni Arabs who make up most of the insurgents have urged their followers to vote but there is no talk of a cease-fire.”

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