Shakeup At CNN: Aaron Brown Out

The Internet has been abuzz for the past hour or so over rumors that CNN has either announced, or is about to announce a serious shakeup in its broadcasting staff. As reported by the New York Daily News this morning:

“Looks like Anderson Cooper, CNN'S Silver Fox, may get a permanent slot on ‘NewsNight,’ the 24-hour cable channel's signature prime-time show.

“Cooper will move into the high-profile 10 p.m. hour, while regular ‘NewsNight’ anchor Aaron Brown will be shunted to 7 p.m., where ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ now airs, according to The Hollywood Reporter.”

Yet, reported on Monday that its sources indicated that Brown is out:

This tipster may be dead wrong, or he may be right on the money: ‘After wrap on Friday, Aaron thanked the crew, told the crew that they would not again see him on NewsNight, took his sculpture from one of the walls, and left.’"

In the past few hours, has reported:

“As rumored and reported on TVNewser for days, Anderson Cooper will anchor a two-hour edition of 360 at 10pm beginning Monday, Nov. 7. (Wolf Blitzer is taking his 7pm time slot.) CNN's press release does not mention Aaron Brown.”

And, has just posted a memo from CNN/USA president Jon Klein:

“To: All CNN Staff

”From: Jon Klein

”We have made some programming decisions which will impact our prime time schedule as well as our colleague Aaron Brown. Aaron will be leaving CNN and is very much looking forward to some well-deserved time off with his family.”

According to the NY Daily News, this is all about Fox News: 

“The network has been looking for ways to remain competitive against Fox News Channel, which has been beating CNN in the ratings for almost four years.”

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