CNN’s Bill Schneider Equates Hurricane Katrina to Monica Lewinsky

September 16th, 2005 12:40 AM

Last week, Brent Baker reported here that Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” joked about Hurricane Katrina being George Bush’s Monica Lewinsky. Today, CNN’s political analyst Bill Schneider said virtually the same thing on “Lou Dobbs Tonight”…but HE wasn’t kidding (video to follow):

“Sooner or later, every leader gets in trouble. President Reagan had Iran-Contra, President Clinton had Monica Lewinsky. Like Bush they had a base that helped them get through it.”

As for that base, Schneider strongly suggested that the people in the country who are still supporting the president after this natural disaster are doing so on blind faith totally devoid of logic or common sense:

“Every leader needs a base. Your base are the people who are with you when you're wrong. This president's base is not abandoning him. 85% of republicans stand behind President Bush. His allies defend him.”

So, by this reasoning, the people who are still supporting President Bush after all that has happened in New Orleans the past couple of weeks are akin to the folks who supported President Clinton after he committed and suborned perjury.  Interesting analogy, no?

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