Eleanor Clift Finds Good in Katrina -- The Return of Socialism

September 14th, 2005 6:22 PM

Is the Reagan Revolution finally coming to an end? “Progressives” like Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift certainly would like to think so. In fact, in a recent op-ed, Eleanor contends that the wake of Katrina is the death knell for such heinous things as tax cuts and smaller government:

“If there’s an upside to Katrina, it’s that the Republican agenda of tax cuts, Social Security privatization and slashing government programs is over. It may be too much to predict an upsurge of progressive government, but the environment and issues of poverty, race and class are back on the nation’s radar screen.”

Of course, never one to suppress an opinion no matter how caustic, Eleanor couldn’t resist giving President Bush a few kicks while he’s down:

“President Bush’s disapproval rating now stands at 52 percent, and two in three Americans give him a thumbs down on handling hurricane relief, according to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. The national survey also finds Americans are ‘depressed, angry and very worried about the economic consequences of the disaster.’ With gas prices spiraling and an unnecessary war draining billions from the Treasury, Bush’s inadequacies are glaringly obvious, from incompetence to insensitivity. The credibility gap that emerged on Iraq has widened to a chasm with the hurricane aftermath. The media has turned a corner as well, with reporters on the scene in New Orleans liberated to say the emperor has no clothes.”

Don’t hold it in, Eleanor. Let us know what you really think.