NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Joy & Whoopi and Big Tech Censors with Tim Graham & Alex Hall

November 11th, 2020 5:43 PM

In this week's enthralling serving of the NewsBusters Podcast, executive editor Tim Graham discusses how the ladies of The View imagine themselves to be the heroic people who keep Trump from killing democracy.

Who thinks Joy Behar is an important and intelligent voice everyone needs to hear? Why would Whoopi Goldberg lecture all the Trump voters that it is time for them to "suck it up" the way that the Hillary voters responded maturely to the 2016 results. Oh, did they? 

Tim also discusses the demands for unity and surrender from CNN and from Michelle Obama, as well as the must-read by David Harsanyi analyzing their "unity" shtick. 

The guest this week is Alexander Hall of MRC's TechWatch and host of the TechShark show on YouTube. New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose has taken the bizarre stand that a story on a conservative website like Breitbart about voting irregularities can "be factually accurate AND...part of a misinformation campaign aimed at undermining confidence in an election." 

Just for fun, we note that Roose opposes Fake News, and yet wrote a 2009 book on how he pretended to be a good evangelical Christian student at Liberty University for a "sinner's semester." Enjoy below or wherever you listen to your podcasts.