MRC's Brent Bozell Discusses New Book 'Unmasked' with Pat Robertson on '700 Club'

June 26th, 2019 4:11 PM

MRC founder and president Brent Bozell was interviewed by Pat Robertson on The 700 Club on Wednesday about his new book (with co-author Tim Graham) titled Unmasked: Big Media's War Against President Trump. When asked what explains the media's extreme antipathy to this president, Bozell had a three-fold answer: 

1. He was challenging Obama's legacy, and Hillary Clinton, who was going to solidify that legacy of fundamentally transforming America. 

2. They believed they created this monster, the reality-show TV star on The Apprentice who became president. 

3. He declared war on the media like no one before him, and they didn't like it, because "they're arrogant, and they're aloof, and they think they are beyond reproach." 

Then Robertson asked for an example of the press going too far in attacking the president: 

BRENT BOZELL: Let me give you a good one. Shortly after the election, Brian Ross of ABC reported breathlessly that it turns out that Michael Flynn, Trump's foreign policy adviser, had indeed gone to Russia, had been sent by Donald Trump to Russia to speak with the Russians. This was the absolute evidence of collusion. When this story came out, among other things, the market dropped 300 points, so billions of dollars was lost on the market, everyone reported it breathlessly on their own -- CNN, Headline News, that sort of thing. Turned out there was one little problem with that story. Donald Trump sent Michael Flynn to Russia after he was elected, in his role as national security adviser, doing exactly what he was supposed to do. Brian Ross was suspended, and he late resigned in disgrace. But the damage had been done.

This is the kind of story that's been going on, every single month there's a story on this. All along, Pat -- and I know you've said it, and everyone has said it. There wasn't one lick of evidence of collusion, not one. And yet the media spent the entirety of 2017 and the entirety of 2018 covering this collusion thing. And all of them pointing to Robert Mueller and his report that was going to come out, because he was a paradigm of honesty and statesmanship and he was going to tell the truth. Fine! He came out with this report, Donald Trump was vindicated! There was no evidence of collusion!

Bozell concluded by telling the 1988 GOP presidential contender "I believe the media are leaders of the Left. They're not followers of the Left. Nancy Pelosi is not the leader. AOC and her silliness are not the leader. None of the Democrats running for president are the leaders. It's the national news media that have been promoting this agenda. And the question is: How powerful are they? Answer: Just imagine they weren't doing it. That'd mean the conservatives and the Republicans would be demolishing the other side!"

PS: The show began Bozell's interview with a quick summary of what the Bozell and Graham book Unmasked offers: