Obama Claims Scandals Are 'Fabricated,' Bozell Says He's 'Most Pampered President' by the Press

MRC president Brent Bozell appeared on The Kelly File on Fox News Channel on Thursday night to discuss the ongoing media effort to downplay or ignore Obama scandals.

Kelly began by showing video of the president claiming in Minneapolis that the scandals are fabricated: “Sometimes the news that's being reported on is really important. I mean what's happening in Iraq is relevant. But sometimes the news that's coming off, these are just Washington fights. They're fabricated issues, they're phony scandals that are generated. It's all geared towards the next election of ginning up a base.” Bozell called him shameless, and the most press-pampered president in history. (Video below)

KELLY: Brent Bozell is president of the Media Research Center. So it's all phony scandals. Other than Iraq, that one is legitimate, everything else is phony.

BRENT BOZELL, MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER PRESIDENT: Megyn, this man has no shame. Look, this is right out of the Clinton play book from the 1990s. Every time Bill Clinton got into trouble with a scandal and there was a whiff that there might be somewhere media coverage, he would go out and complain about the media and it worked every time. Because he would go running for the tall grass rather than offend him.

Look, here's the reality of Barack Obama. He is the most pampered president in the history of the United States in the eyes of the media. If it weren't for those reporters who is attacking him right now, Barack Obama wouldn't be president. There's in question about that.

But Megyn, we ran a couple of numbers for you tonight. And you're going to love this. This is a man who's complaining about the media coverage of these nonsense so-called scandals. Think about this. ABC, NBC, CBS, between their morning and their evening shows since June 1st, there has been 198 hours of news programming. There have been 17 minutes and 48 seconds of that devoted to the VA, 20 minutes of that devoted to the IRS.

To put that in perspective. Each one of those scandals has taken up exactly two-tenths of one percent of news time on the networks and the man is complaining.

KELLY: Well, that's the problem, that it's taking up any time. And the thing is, you know, we had Benghazi, for example, which so many in the mainstream media refused to cover. And then the President seemed to be in his sweet spot because he could dismiss it as a Fox News story. But now you've got two-tenths of one percent or whatever, it's too much as far as the White House is concerned of the mainstream media talking about IRS and they want to guilt them or shame them out of doing it.

BOZELL: That's exactly what's going on. What he's trying to do is intimidate the press. What's happening right now is you've got liberal reporters, like Ron Fournier [formerly] of the AP, like Mark Halperin, like John King of CNN, who are coming forward liberal reporters -- who are coming forward saying to their industry, enough is enough. You've got to start covering these scandals. This is bigger than Richard Nixon. And they're nowhere to be found. And that's what Barack Obama is seeing and that's why he's going after the press. He sees the cracks.

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