Media Stuck In 'Move On' Mode with Hillary's White House History, Says Bozell On 'The Kelly File'

MRC founder and president Brent Bozell appeared on “The Kelly File” on Wednesday night to discuss the media’s distaste for conservative media digging into Hillary Clinton’s history. Fox host Megyn Kelly discussed her earlier interview with Kathleen Willey, who has alleged she was sexually harassed by President Clinton in the Oval Office.

Willey told Kelly that Mrs. Clinton ran a “war on women,” the Clinton accusers, and Kelly asked Bozell why the media would eagerly dig into ancient Republican history, but skip over anything challenging to the Clintons (video, transcript below):

KELLY:  Brent, I pointed out on the show the other night, The Washington Post is very interested Mitt Romney's bullying incident, that his high school bullying incident was front page news for them, but Hillary Clinton's behavior in the Oval Office -- I mean, her behavior in the White House, that's not relevant.

BOZELL: It is such a double standard. It’s extraordinary. If you're a Republican, anything you did in your past is newsworthy i.e. what George Bush did and what was the 1971 in the National Guard is newsworthy. What Mitt Romney did when he was 15 years old is the front page of The Washington Post, but if you're a Democrat, particularly if you’re the Clintons, anything you did or are doing is met with the phrase move on. We need to move on -- move on. That, Megyn, is where the organization originated from. It was this move on, move on.

What the Clintons do -- and they're masters at this, they will even leak a little bit of dirt on themselves on an emerging scandal, and then immediately announce the story is all it is. It's done with and the media go along with it, and no one ever gets the bottom of the story.

Bozell recalled his 2007 book Whitewash: “I'll tell you, my colleague Tim Graham and I wrote a book on this. The media have done nothing but give Hillary Clinton a free pass in her career. Either portraying her as a victim of her husband's abuses or a fighting champion when she fights back. They have never held her accountable for her own actions.”

Kelly wondered if Clinton defenders had a point that the Year of Lewinsky exhausted that material: "It is over, like we discussed it ad nauseum? There was an impeachment trial."

Bozell said Bill’s presidency may be old news, but not Hillary’s role inside it: “No one has covered the role that Hillary Clinton played in the Bill Clinton administration, how she was in charge of the bimbo gaffes, how she was in charge of so much that went on in the White House. No one has covered that. They do deserve, they do need to look into that. That has to be reported if she's going to run for president of the United States.”

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