Missile Strike On Houston Would Take Care Of Obama's 'Problems' (Opponents): Libs

Barack Obama isn't just the greatest president ever, he's also an especially kind man. After all, His Worship has every right to blow political opponents to smithereens, yet repeatedly declines the opportunity.

As an example of the Dear Leader's admirable discretion, tens of thousands attending the NRA convention in Houston really could have been taken out with a single missile, but were generously allowed to proceed.

Since Obama has tolerated widespread dissent, doesn't that disprove the notion he's inherently evil? This inspirational thought provided comfort for Stephanie Miller Show listeners today, courtesy of guest Lee Papa, "The Rude Pundit":


STEPHANIE MILLER (06 May 2013): Oh fresh from watching the gun nut show all weekend how you doing, "Rudeness".

LEE PAPA ("The Rude Pundit"): Oh doing fine doing fine. You know I think I want to show something.


LEE PAPA: Just feeling it man, ah you know if I’m gonna have a gun I’m wanna shoot something with it.


LEE PAPA (31:23): You know I was thinking this weekend, if Barack Obama is really as evil as everybody says he is just one errant missile shot in Houston would really have taken out most of his problem.



This could prove fantastic news for conservatives if it means multiparty elections will be allowed to occur in 2014.

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